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Wow, what a find. A small place with a calming atmosphere. Keiko has magic hands and a lovely smile. I have had many Thai massages where I have had to tell the masseur to back off, but in Keiko's massage she knew how much pressure to use. As a professional medical masseur I am very fussy and it was with great pleasure that I could tell Keiko it was the best Thai massage I had ever had.

Always tell Keiko any problems you have and she will tailor the massage to treat your needs. I am going back to make the most of my stay in Laguna Beach.

If you are ever in Laguna Beach make the time to visit Spa Eiko Massage.

Thank you Keiko.

Jak G.      San Diego, CA        9/23/2016

SO Amazing!! Kay (Spa owner) is such a joy, as soon as you enter her place you feel immediately at home. Ive gotten massages regularly for the past 5 years (severe back problems) and Kay's Thai massages help more than any other practice I've been too. I HIGHLY recommend you give her a try! Wont be disappointed.

Lia B.      Thousand Oaks, CA        9/4/2016

Very comfortable atmosphere and a great message. I enjoyed it thoroughly!! Highly recommended.

Bob J.      Huntington Beach, CA        6/29/2016

I was surprised in a good way. Since I've had Swedish massages in San Diego and Sedona many times before, I know the soothing effect on my body and soul after that. But Keiko's massage was combined with Thai massage, which relaxed my tensed neck and shoulders so well. I felt relaxed plus my body much lighter! I love the hibrid massage Also I'm a big fan of Laguna Beach Thank you, Keiko. See you soon!

Norie L.      Chula Vista, CA        6/15/2016

Spa Eiko is awesome! Beautifully decorated for a feeling of instant calm and relaxation. The massage was amazing!

I went in with tension and pain throughout my body from moving, when she was done, I felt great and so relaxed. She also served some delicious tea and allowed me to enjoy the relaxation a little longer while sitting at her little cafe table and enjoying the view.

Keiko is a skilled massage therapist and a very kind and gracious person!

I will definitely being going back!

Nancy H.      Mission Viejo, CA        6/4/2016

Nalu Aroma Spotで「アロマベーシック講座」を受講して下さった方が、



ラグナ―ビーチは、Nalu Aroma SpotがあるLomitaからはフリーウェイを乗って1時間から1時間半くらい。サンディエゴに行く途中のちょうど真ん中あたりです。アートの街として有名で、サーファーもたくさんいます。メイン通りのモールの中にあります。奥から通りを見るとこんな感じ。緑が多い素敵なモールです。



今現在は、本格的なアロマテラピーはメニューにありませんが、将来は取り入れる予定だそうです。 タイで仕入れた精油も販売されてまし


マッサージが終わった後、向かいにあるホテル「LA CASA DEL CAMINO」のルーフトップバーへ行き、海を眺めたり、ビーチを眺めたりして、ゆったりラグナ―ビーチを楽しみました。たまには足を延ばして、家の近所とは違う



Nami B.     Torrance, CA        6/27/2017

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